Product Description

The Luna Squonker box mod, a collaboration with Ultroner. The Asmodus Luna is constructed of 6063 aluminum alloy and Stabilized wood. The Ultroner Luna is a single-battery unregulated Squonker mod that packs a punch whilst boasting an aesthetic design. The Ultroner x Asmodus Luna Squonker Box mod is simple to turn on and off; simply click the fire button 5 times and the LED will flash Green. Refilling the bottle is an easy task as well, there is a cap on the bottom of the device to remove the bottle. The Luna has a chip that to protects the user from a plethora of safety issues! There is a LED light within the Luna to indicate there is an issue. The chip protects the user from these issues: Negative Polarity; the LED will flash green when you install the battery correctly, the LED will not flash if installed incorrectly. When the user’s battery hits 3.3v the mod will shut off, protecting the mod, battery health and most importantly, the user;the LED will flash RED five times indicating your battery is at 3.3v. The mod will automatically shut off when firing the mod for over 10 seconds to prevent any auto-firing moments. The LED will flash red if the luna detects a short in the user’s atty. When the Luna Squonker mod reaches over 85 degrees, the mod will shut off automatically to prevent any accidents.

Due to the nature of manufacturing and design, each Luna Squonker Box Mod features a unique colorway and patterning. Photos are for reference only and are not representative of the variances of each unit. Each unit will be sent out as packaged and at random.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 82mm x 46mm x 36mm
Powered by a single 18650 sized battery (not included)
Constructed from 6063 aluminium and then encased in stabilized wood
Unregulated mod with a powerful protection chip, the UL-80-JX
LED indicator light which will helps to keep you notified of the status of the Luna
Atomizer resistance range: 0.1 – 3 ohm
Maximum output power: 80.0 watts
Output voltage range: 3.3 – 4.2 volts
Maximum output current: 27 amps