D R A G   I N   P O C K E T   –   F L A V O R   O N   T H E   G O.

The first pod system of the DRAG is born, shining like treasure and just giving you more reasons to fancy our DRAG products. Just 44g in weight, this ultra-lightweight and portable pod system device from VooPoo Tech will make your vaping experience incredibly enjoyable anytime, anywhere.

BRAND NEW INTELLIGENT COLD BOOT MODE – Intelligent cold boot mode for an extreme flavor experience from the very first puff. Intelligent power output balance for a fantastic flavor experience, as always.

BUILT-IN BATTERY WITH 750MAH CAPACITY – Nearly 350 puffs available in full charge, worry-free while outside. A full charge can be achieved in just 1 hour at 5V/0.5A; no need to wait a long time for your device to charge!